We are waves from the same sea

China sent medical masks to Italy, & wrote on the boxes a quote from a Roman poem: “We are waves from the same sea”; Japan had donated supplies to China. & wrote on the boxes a quote of a Chinese poem: “We have different mountains & rivers, but we share the same sun, moon & sky.”

We are all part of the same world, and though we have borders, those borders have been laughed at by this virus.

Like many, I try to look for the positives in times which are more than trying and testing our humanity. Then, there’s those who who seek to find a citizenry or minority group to blame, and so they make the lives of all Asian people, all LGBTQ people perilous, having named them to blame.

If we worship a punishing God, then seeking someone to blame is natural, for we would wish to be seen as innocent, and thus to be spared from wrath.

If we believe in a loving God, we seek to see the beauty and good even in dark times, for we have faith to know that our greater good is always the most important thing that God and his Angels are working out for us.

While we’re all taking a long pause from our normal lives, the planet is healing from the damage we have inflicted upon it. During this time of isolation, many are questioning their previous devotion to accumulating more “stuff” and are looking to reset the courses for their futures.

We are seeing thousands of people recovering from this illness. We’re seeing hope coming back to some areas, while many of us will still be going through the storm for a while longer.

My wish? The deep inner lessons so many people are learning as a result of having gone through this period of time will be remembered after the masks and gloves get put away.

The lessons and aha moments can become the foundation for creating a new chapter in our lives!

I don’t believe that God is punishing us! I believe we’re being given an opportunity to change! Prior to this virus disrupting our lives, the Doomsday clock on our world was showing a very short period of time before we would pass the point of no return, the point that our environment would be too damaged to be able to turn things around.

What if this period of forced quietness is God’s and the universe’s way of showing us that EACH of us actually DOES have the power to make changes happen?

Previously I heard that individuals felt powerless to due anything significant to help our environment. Look how powerful we all are when we work together for a common cause!

As countries emerge from isolation and quarantine, let’s remember what we are all able to accomplish when we work together, for all of our best interests!

The world doesn’t need us, but we need to world! Let’s not be satisfied merely with going back to the way things were before! Let’s focus our intent on creating something healthier, something better for us and our world!

I’ve been hearing of people in different parts of the world totally rethinking how their businesses run, and this would never have happened had the forced stoppage not happened.

We’re going to get through this! We are getting through this! Hang in for a while longer!

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    Tamara Kulish posted: ” China sent medical masks to Italy, & wrote on the boxes a quote from a Roman poem: “We are waves from the same sea”; Japan had donated supplies to China. & wrote on the boxes a quote of a Chinese poem: “We have different mountains & rivers, b”

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    1. I think it’s definitely part of what inspires me! It’s all so connected! I’ve got a few more paintings done in the series and I’ve applied for a grant here with the St. Louis Regional Arts Commission so I can do a show. They’ll announce the grant recipients in May!


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