Lying down meditation for sleeplessness

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What is lying down meditation?

It’s something I’ve been practicing when sleeplessness keeps me from a good night’s sleep.

Tonight I was practicing it to relax myself to sleep, when I realized it’s something I needed to share with you, as many people may be tossing and turning with anxiety during this strange time we’re all going through.

Having had chronic Shingles for 10 years, many years ago, I had found that sleeplessness goes had in hand with chronic pain and anxiety. Add life stresses, mid-life changes, and sleep can really get affected!

I learned that resting in bed was better for my health than getting up and watching TV, so I learned to practice meditation while lying down to relax my mind and body in order to get some rest and to eventually sleep.

Too often when sleeplessness hits, we get stressed out over it, feeling useless at being “able to get ourselves to sleep”, which only adds to the problem! We toss and turn with impatience, that our bodies aren’t cooperating with us, right?!

When sleeplessness starts up for me, I get up and do some gentle stretching to relax and unkink my tense muscles. Often we hold stress deeper in our muscles than we realize.

I take something for pain if I’m experiencing pain, for that is a sure-fire sleep interrupter!

Then I get back into bed, lay down on my back for a while and just focus on doing deep, slow meditative breaths.

I travel through my body with my mind, checking for tenseness, then think about relaxing my muscles. I feel the muscles getting heavier.

I speak to myself gently in my mind, telling myself, “It’s okay, everything is going to be okay. I am loved, the God and the universe have my back and I am exactly where I need to be.”

I thank God, the universe and my Angels for everything they are doing for me, for my loved ones and for the world. I relax my mind further by feeling grateful and thankful.

I listen to the words, allowing myself to be comforted and relaxed with the words.

My mindful meditation takes as long as it’s needed, and eventually my body lets go of the tension and relaxes so I can fall asleep.

I don’t keep checking in on myself “Am I asleep yet?” “Why am I not falling asleep?” (LOL, are you chuckling to yourself?)

Instead I trust the process, for I know that as I practice my meditative thoughts, I am getting rest, and that is good for me too!

Meditative resting helps to realign our minds, which in turn helps our bodies to stop producing Cortizol (the stress chemical). Mindfully focusing on gratitude is a powerful antidote to stress.

Our minds are very powerful, affecting our bodies, so practicing meditation lying down before sleep is a wonderful way to end a day, not just when sleeplessness pops up, but helps our minds to decompress.

I hope you’ll practice this too!

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