What Tools Did I Use To Create the Workbook for Healing Your Life on a Deep Heart Level?

I was just asked by a fellow author and blogger how I created the workbook and coloring book which accompanies the book “How to Heal Your Life on a Deep Heart Level”.

What design software did I use? She was so blown away with my answer she asked me to write an article which she could share with her readers, so here it is!

Surprisingly, I used Microsoft Word to create the entire content of all the books! There’s page layout, drawing and some simple design tools in Word! Never knew that? Yup, they’re there!

Don’t have the foggiest idea how to use the tools?

If you go to the Microsoft Word website and search “free tutorials” you should be directed to a list of them! I haven’t checked out their website for a long time so I don’t know where they’re currently located, but a search should find them!

For the book covers I use Photoshop, since it gives a far more accurate finished product, without some elements floating around when the PDF is created from the JPEG, (the necessary format for uploading to CreateSpace, where my paperback books are published.)

Can’t afford the software?

I was daunted with the cost of those software too when my last computer died on me. Then I discovered I could rent each software for $9.99 a month, each, and always have the most up to date version! If I were to buy those software at the same price per month, they’d be so out of date by the time they were paid off, I’d have to start all over to get up to date again! You just need to go to their websites to find those options… Microsoft Word and Adobe!

I think it’s still very new for software companies to offer “cloud” software, so the public either hasn’t heard of it or they’re very leery.

I fell into the latter case, having heard of it, but wanted to stay with the old tried and true of buying, but that wasn’t an option since buying a new computer and the software was just too expensive.

The last company I had worked for had rented the entire Adobe Suite, and when my employment ended I went to Adobe’s website to try and figure out how to get the software for myself, which is when I discovered I could get just Photoshop for $9.99 a month. That alone set me free!

Then I poked around the Microsoft website and discovered the same option just for Word!

Ah! Talk about setting my mind free with these simple choices!


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