We are all waves of the same ocean!

There is so much going on in our world with fires, floods, wars, disease, drought and other disasters displacing people, that many of our countries are experiencing rapidly changing demographics, which is very upsetting for those who prefer to keep that status quo.

Climate change is only starting to create shifts in our lives, and already thousands of people are being displaced. Political upheavals have been adding to the great numbers of people seeking asylum in other countries, creating huge pressures on the citizens.

It’s not going to go away! It’s only going to intensify as the years roll on!

We have 2 choices in how we react: we can dig our heels in, getting angrier and more resentful as time goes on, or we can choose to get to know our new neighbors!

There’s so many artificial categories currently separating people all around the world, that there is never any lack of a group or idea to hate on!

Hate begets more hate. Anger and fear fuel hate, and those are leading to terrible outcomes. If we’re of the mindset that the newcomers are rapists, criminals and drug dealers, we end up closing ourselves off to meeting some wonderful people!

Underneath it all, we’re pretty much all the same. We live very similar human experiences, our dreams and hopes for ourselves, our families and our children are very similar in spite of outward appearances.

I’m currently working in an environment where most of of the people don’t look like me, and I’m loving the opportunity to get to know so many people I may not otherwise have an opportunity to meet!

Life is never static, there’s always change. We live in a time where some HUGE changes are happening.

How are you going to meet those changes? Will you try to hold onto your status quo at all costs, or will you be open to the new landscape that is being created all over the world?

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4 thoughts on “We are all waves of the same ocean!

  1. Absolutely! We are called to love one another as Jesus loved us! No where in there does it say “only the people that look like you, act like you, or believe the same things as you!”

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