The absurdity of racism

I’m sharing an essay on the absurdity of racism, from the viewpoint of big vs. small noses.

When we read this essay the silly arbitrary decision to allow people with big noses wonderful benefits while denying people with small noses seems… small, petty.

Yet the reality of racism, deciding that people of a certain skin color are more important, more intelligent, more worthy than others of darker colors, has permeated our collective consciousness since even before colonialism and the conquering of nations.

I hope you’ll enjoy this essay as much as I have. Below are my experiences laid out as suggestions to help us move forward. Posted on , by A.B.Osogo

We start by getting to know one another.

For some people who have believed the untruths and damaging lies that were created to rationalize subjugating entire populations, the road to accepting people with darker skin as equals, deserving equal treatment will be challenging to accept.

When we start to get to know whole communities and not just “token friends”, we come to see there are good and bad people in every single community, race, and religion.

We come to see there are smart people in every group. We come to see there are not so smart people in every group.

We come to see that in every group and community there exists a diverse range of people who have different views, abilities, values, and skills.

When we get to know different communities, we see there’s more that unites us than divides us.

The concept of equal rights, equal accessibility to healthcare, and legal help are basic human rights.

When we each have the same accessibility and opportunities, they don’t take anything away from the group of people now experiencing full access.

The costs of not providing equal access have created large expensive problems we’re all shouldering, which people of color negatively experience disproportionately.

By providing equal access and opportunities we would actually end up improving ALL of our lives, and lowering the major costs which our tax dollars go to!

This may sound counterintuitive to you, but countries that have made progress in these areas have proven this to be true!

Here are some articles which may shed some light on this matter for you:

Some more wonderful thoughts:

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10 thoughts on “The absurdity of racism

  1. Very well said! It still alarms me in disbelief about how racism can exist – based on color of skin, how can there be such brutality and ignorance. It alarms me truly, how does this come to be. Yet we are aware of how it does exist and there are some good ways we can rise together as better collectively.

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    1. 😻😻 I totally agree with you! I’m so shocked some days and feel so inspired on others depending on what I see! While we have seen a huge surge in racism, I feel encouraged that so many people who don’t subscribe to it are willing to call others out on it, sometimes very loudly and very publicly!

      I’m more than happy to call someone out and have a discussion with them.

      I feel that some people are so insulated within their little community of people who are like them, that it is the status quo within the group to disparage anyone different than them, so when they are called out by someone who looks like them, it forces them, at least for the moment to consider a different viewpoint than what they had been surrounded with.

      By a) calling each other out and b) getting to know a wide variety of people, we can hopefully build the bridges to come out of those ways of thinking.

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  2. Beautifully said. Yes, there is more than unites us than divides us. And we all win when everyone is provided equal access and opportunities. This is something we need to keep working at every day! Thanks for this post, Tamara!

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    1. Thanks! It is my hope we can each reach a point of being able to do this work! I’m very idealistic but if there are many people who share this view then at least there’s a chance!

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  3. I love it! It’s not even just white vs. black, but also vs. Hispanic, etc. Also, let’s not forget Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. My oldest dated who I thought was the nicest Korean boy. Little did I know how horrified his family was by us. They hated us because we were not Korean! They didn’t even know us, but they judged us by racial standards. What a shame. Too bad they couldn’t see past color – we’re awesome! 😎

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    1. I totally agree! Humans have become so judgmental.

      I realize that historically there have been terrible things committed against different people in different countries, so it would be natural for distrust and anger to develop.

      I know I’m idealistic but I do feel we would all be better if we could work on these differences. I know it starts with each of us individually!

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