Guided Anxiety Journal

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This is a Guided Journal, where you answer questions in each entry instead of just downloading a flurry of words!

By focusing thoughts we’re able to constructively move through anxious times to see patterns to develop solutions!

Pocket size version of Guided Anxiety Journal

Most of our fears and worries are unfounded, but by writing them out it helps to get them out of our heads and into a space where we can deal with them more constructively.

This guided journal has been created to help you download the mental stress when you’re feeling anxious, upset or even sliding into depression… and has been designed to help you to re-focus your mind. By answering a series of questions, focused writing will help you to extract the facts and the details which are bogging and slowing down your own ability to help yourself feel better.

The negative thoughts and words we tell ourselves pull us further into our inner whirlwind.

This journal is designed to help you become less judgmental of yourself by helping you to look more objectively at your triggers.

At the end of the book are a few pages to recap what you wrote, to help you to see the patterns of things which trigger you, and to help you to develop your own coping tools to overcome your anxiety.

I hope you enjoy it!

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    1. Thank you so much! This is deeply appreciated! I’d love to hear feedback from people who have gone through the journey of writing in them so I can know where I can make improvements! Blessings my friend!

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