Doing the work ourselves…

I remember thinking those thoughts when I was a kid, and then learning as an adult that I needed to be the one to help myself.

It felt disappointing, maybe because I had bought into the idea that justice would somehow be served? I remember I felt strongly that I had been dealt an unfair hand in life and wanted it to balance out.

Part of growing up was realizing that no one was going to do that for me, I needed to do it myself and I found the outcome to be very liberating to take control of my healing and my life.

Interestingly, as I took responsibility for my healing and growth, the universe sent me people who helped me and teachers from whom I learned great lessons!!

I didn’t in fact go through it all by myself!

Remember that you are loved and cherished by the universe!! As you accept this love, you will be given more and more moments to experience this!

You are stronger and more awesome than you ever realized!

#universe #love #teacher #experience #moments #adult

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