Why would you want to give 5-star reviews to Russian restaurants and businesses?

Why indeed?

We know that 5-star reviews are likelier to be read by potential patrons, and we also know that Russia hasn’t been truthful to its citizens regarding their invasion of Ukraine.

By leaving 5-star reviews, it’s possible to share information online about what’s happening in Ukraine.

Yahoo news has reported that a keyboard army is leaving reviews, some people are even posting photos of what’s happening! https://news.yahoo.com/keyboard-army-using-restaurant-reviews-123624279.html?ncid=facebook_yahoonewsf_akfmevaatca&fbclid=IwAR2vRxUbwwa_kNBtCxZJp4D3s8AMPRd0FRdGVoW0NJ5FXm3fHx4EawXmz5U

Is it better to leave scorched-earth reviews, or is it better to be kind?

I personally prefer the route of being kind!

The average citizen isn’t aware of what’s going on, and some who did find out and who protested are now paying the price.

I believe in complimenting their business and food, and also stating that you’d love to visit their city and their establishment AFTER the war in Ukraine ends in a cease-fire, after the Russian troops have left Ukraine, after the bombed buildings and roads have been repaired. I believe it’s important to ask for their goodwill towards the Ukrainian people.

While leaving reviews isn’t likely to make a difference to how Putin leads the attacks on Ukraine, it may serve to bring information into Russia.

Here’s an example for a restaurant in Moscow: “Your food looks delicious! Maybe one day I will be able to try some after the war in Ukraine has long been finished, the buildings and the roads have been repaired and after Russia backs away from trying to overthrow Ukraine’s sovereignty! I look forward one day to visiting Moscow after peace has been reestablished and Ukraine can once again trust Russia not to invade and try to overthrow it. I wish your establishment peace and that your customers have goodwill towards Ukraine and they denounce what Putin is doing as his soldiers try to destroy Ukraine!”

How can someone leave reviews?

Using your map app on your phone, you can go to a Russian city, zoom in and find restaurants etc.

It’s very possible that when Russian citizens find out the true extent of what is going on in Ukraine, they may encourage their own soldiers who have been deployed, to surrender and to lay down their arms! We have seen this happening with some soldiers, and I pray more will follow!

I also encourage you to support organizations that are bringing aid and relief into Ukraine, who are helping the refugees, and who are aiding Ukraine’s defense.

Every war is terrible. All killing is deplorable. Inhumanity anywhere in the world is terrible.

Thank you and Blessings!

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One thought on “Why would you want to give 5-star reviews to Russian restaurants and businesses?

  1. What an interesting tactic! Thanks for spreading the word.

    My mom has several Russian friends because she lived in Moscow for about 6 weeks to teach English 30 years ago. She’s checked in with them and they are scared about what is happening and Putin will do. So sad!

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