Pulling in help to get help organizing: so incredibly powerful!

Have you been feeling overwhelmed by ALL the many, many posts and articles about making resolutions, setting goals, organizing, cleaning, etc., etc.?

I get it! Honestly, I’ve deleted a whole bunch of them from my Inbox, I find them stressful, and I rock at organizing and setting goals!

Organizing and de-cluttering do so much for the spirit! However, not everyone has the bandwidth to accomplish this!

My daughter has ADHD and struggles when things get chaotic. While she wants to organize, she gets overwhelmed by it and just doesn’t know where to start!

I just reorganized her dining room which had become a dumping ground for all the craft stuff, Scouting supplies (my daughter is a leader), and other miscellaneous DIY/handicraft tools.

I bought a tall wire shelf that fit along one smaller wall and went at it. In the previous months, I  had bought various baskets and boxes from thrift stores and so put them to use corralling and sorting things out.

As you know, there are a few advantages to buying at thrift stores, but I love being able to buy many pieces for the price of one brand new. I buy baskets, boxes, and containers of all sizes because I often place smaller ones in larger ones to be able to corral and organize, while at the same time not getting all matchy-matchy!

Since the family feels more comfortable eating in the living room together while watching TV, having an unused dining room was just a stressful reminder of the unspoken expectations we put on ourselves, but may not actually reflect how WE want to live!

Yes, I changed out the baskets and boxes a few times, trying different ones until I felt I had gotten it right, (because I kept discovering more things that needed to go together!) in the end she has a usable craft room, where I can set up an inflatable mattress for when I visit. 

I made the switch for her, from the unused dining room into a useful craft room. This acknowledged how she and the kids actually live, validated their choices, and gave them a wonderful place they could use in their busy lives!

She said it was the best present ever, as a combination of Christmas, birthday, and Mother’s Day rolled up in one!

If any of you have the same issues as my daughter, reach out to a friend or family member who has organizing skills! If you can afford to hire someone, that’s wonderful too!

This isn’t something to be ashamed of!

You’ll feel so much better about your space when you get help not only organizing it but defining how that space is better used!

Redefining how we choose to use our space requires giving ourselves permission to do so if we want to rethink how we use our rooms.

This is such a powerful part of reorganizing our lives to fit how we actually live, even if it goes against the traditional flow!

I encourage you and if you need permission, consider me giving it to you if you need it!

Another trick I learned in my journey of accomplishing my goals? I discovered I needed to do it according to my own inner schedule, and allow for life events to happen, without beating myself up for “getting off course”!

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6 thoughts on “Pulling in help to get help organizing: so incredibly powerful!

  1. I discovered I needed to do it according to my own inner schedule ….
    That is exactly how I am 🙂 I do not move to any Shoulds regarding this 😉
    I loved how you worded this – Redefining how we choose to use our space – it feels very uplifting to think that way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right?! There’s so many things that we can give ourselves permission and the freedom to do! This is a piece of living authentically! 🙏🌸🌸

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re so welcome! I love how things look after they’re organized! It feels so good to create an intentional space for them!


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