Dear me, I’m discovering I like you!!

“Dear me, I think I have found the One. In fact I know I have. I’m just amazing! It feels so good, I love me!”

I didn’t feel this way about myself for most of my life. In fact it was the total opposite.

When I’d read or hear something which had me looking inwards, my self-talk was very negative. I saw myself as being inferior to everyone, so I struggled to just feel “normal”. I never felt I belonged or that I was worthwhile, let alone worthy and that no doubt telegraphed itself to others.

A huge part of healing from the physical, mental, spiritual and financial abuse I had experienced in my life was to get to a point where I could honestly say I like myself, without cringing inside!

The whole concept of loving myself was so foreign that I felt physically uncomfortable with the thought! I cringed like I was being shown how unlovable I truly was when I’d come across a quote like the one above!

Initially when I started out on my healing path, I though it would be great to be able to leave my past behind, and not become sad and tearful when I’d think of how I had been treated, how betrayed I felt that the person who was supposed to love and protect me had hurt me the deepest.

Once I healed to a certain point, it became apparent how deeply the damage had gone inside of my spirit. I realized that the physical cringing I experienced when I heard or read nice words which could possibly describe me, was a huge red flag of how little I liked myself.

In order to teach myself to like myself, I started to read gentler quotes which didn’t seem to be as overt and strong as the quote above. Baby steps. I took baby steps to teach myself! There was a lot of repetition! A lot of gentle applications of love to teach myself about my positive points, to teach myself that I am lovable, and to teach myself I’m worthy of healthy love!

One thing I discovered? The negative messages were lies! They were in fact a projection of the negative things my abusers felt about themselves!

I learned that damaged people hurt others, that healthy people don’t!

This was a huge thought and realization, which turned my inner thoughts around!

This morning I received this message in my Inbox:

“Stop treating your bank balance as a measure of success. Remind yourself daily of the incredible qualities you possess; above all else, eliminate self-criticism. The more you love yourself, the easier it will be to attract the money, relationships, and creative opportunities you deserve. You really can have it all.”

What did I feel when I read it? Did I cringe? Did I try to mentally wipe it out from seeing it? No!

I smiled! I thanked the universe for sending me a positive affirmation!

I realize also that the universe loves each of us so deeply! We’re so loved that even when we’ve learned our self-worth, the universe will send us more affirmations to keep our inner batteries fully charged!

The universe is sending you positive messages too! How do you feel when you read or hear them? Are you receiving them well, or are you rejecting them inwardly?

By taking the time to gauge your inner reactions you can see where you currently sit on that scale… not to beat yourself up over it, but simply to acknowledge where you currently are.

When you see where you are, you can start to infuse more positivity into your spirit! Even if you feel pretty good about yourself right now, keep infusing positive messages into your spirit to keep your batteries fully charged!

You are loved deeply by the universe! You are worthwhile! Your life is important!


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