How meditative walks can help jumpstart creativity!

I’ve mentioned here before that one of the tools in my toolkit is to take meditative walks.

These have been great for both my fitness and for reducing stress!

What I haven’t written much about is how these meditative and sometimes prayerful walks help my creativity!

When my mind is released, it starts to free-associate and different ideas spring to mind.

I’ve learned to write them down as they come to me. I no longer write it down with pen and paper, for I found that typing it all up after became tedious.

If it’s related to a book I’m writing, I open my notes app on my phone and just write it all down. I can move paragraphs around and do rough editing if needed. I can create folders and have a different note for different chapters, and when I’m done I can forward those to myself in an email, which allows me to cut and paste them into my Word document.

If it’s an idea for a blog post, opening the WordPress app and creating drafts for article ideas helps me to keep my ideas from getting lost and it inspires me to flesh out my thoughts more fully when I’m back at my computer.

In fact, that’s exactly how this post came to be!

If you haven’t used meditative walking as a way to boost your creativity or to problem solve, I highly recommend it!

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4 thoughts on “How meditative walks can help jumpstart creativity!

    1. I’ve created a new workout which I’m calling “Grounded Ballet”, which is like a combination of Tai Chi and Ballet arm gestures. I do it very slowly, mindfully listening to the limits of my body. It’s very good for toning the core muscles of the body.

      Doing exercises slowly is very meditative because we focus on the muscle groups. This helps to prevent injuries too, because we aren’t just rushing through and even forcing our muscles past what they’re capable of on a given day.

      I’ve got a post planned to explain how that works!


  1. When getting stuck with my writing I will take a walk (or go to the gym) and find by the time I return I have unblocked the problem. Don’t know what the science is being exercise helping this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right?! I love how this works. I suppose we let go of the steering wheel for a bit and that allows our subconscious mind to figure it out and to receive information from the universe!


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