What is Shifting, and is it really so new? Is it good for Mental Health?

Please read this interesting article ‘Reality shifting’ where users say they’re transported to another life has exploded on TikTok, but former shifters say it harmed their mental health

Like many of you probably haven’t, I hadn’t heard of “Shifting”. Years ago it was just called “day-dreaming”!

We live in such an immersive world of technology, where gaming and virtual reality have taken such a hold on many people, it has become an addiction by itself.

CGI and animation have become so hyperrealistic that they can appear to be real, and are now tempting many people away from their real lives.

An alarming faction within this new “movement” is claiming that people need to die physically in order to make the permanent shift they crave. This is potentially very dangerous to many people who deeply desire finding a way out of their present circumstances, for the claims are very misleading.

The idea of permanently shifting to a dream reality is known as “respawning,” and those who believe in the practice typically say it can occur in one of two ways: either by undergoing a physical death, or by leaving a “clone” or “stand in” behind in their current bodies while their soul permanently shifts.


The depth to which some people find themselves immersed into their alternate reality in their minds, or Shifting, can encourage addiction or even trigger other mental health problems.

Escapist daydreaming can be a form of self-meditation where we create a temporary escape, a safe place to go to in our minds, but as with anything done to excess, it can also cut us off from being a participant in our own lives.

The extreme danger is that within some people who try to practice Shifting, they can become quite dissociated not only from their lives but from themselves too, leading to psychoses.

When escapism daydreaming or Shifting becomes a daily go-to to avoid day-to-day life, this may serve as an indication that mental-health support may be needed, or that the individual may need help if their life is emotionally unsafe for them.

The escapism of any kind when taken to an extreme is firstly a symptom that there are things in our lives that need to be changed for the better, and secondly can develop into an addiction that needs treatment.

Escapism daydreaming has always been with us, many notable authors have blessed us with many wonderful books thanks to their ability to share their inner worlds.

I’ve used escapism day-dreaming myself, and the most intense times where I escaped were also during the very difficult times I experienced during my life.

The times I used to escape into my mind were during the years I had some toxic people in my life and when I had internalized the negative things they said and did to me. Those were the years when I spoke to myself very harshly and hatefully.

I felt powerless to make any changes, so I escaped into my mind. That was a place where everyone was nice to me and where I wasn’t experiencing the emotional and mental pain which was a side-effect of dealing with the toxic people in my life.

Once I started on the path to reclaiming my own power and inner healing, which had been stripped of me at an early age, I gained the strength to slowly remove the toxic people from my life.

The next layer of work was to remove them from the places in my mind where they had taken up residence, repeating the hateful and hurtful words which they had once spoken to me.

As I did more and more work on teaching myself to like myself, to see my worth, learning to feel comfortable speaking kindly and gently to myself, I found more and more satisfaction in my day-to-day life that I wasn’t needing to escape!

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Teaching ourselves to like, even to love ourselves is the best gift we can give ourselves!

Affirmation: Today is a new day! I can do this!

As we practice being gentle and kind with ourselves, we actually help to speed the process of helping our lives become more positive!

By changing our inner dialogue, we change EVERYTHING!

Even after a setback or negative experience, we can create a “reset” button in our minds!

Just do your best with what you have, at this time!

Challenge: When a negative thought enters your mind, think three positive ones. Train yourself to flip the script!

Brain Rewiring

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9 thoughts on “What is Shifting, and is it really so new? Is it good for Mental Health?

  1. I could absolutely relate and agree with everything in your post. I too feel it becomes a problem if instead of being a natural self defense or survival skill, it is made in to a practice with solidity to definitions. What I call Practice were actual skills that help me address the deeply imprinted influences of toxic relationship patterns on me, so I do not as much have the need to use fantastical illusions to escape into as a coping mechanism. Shedding that pattern comes with its own pain of letting go of a comforting perceived yet made up reality. This now made into a trend is very alarming to me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally agree with you! Our technology has made it possible to create simulated lives, and some are happy to live within them. Creating a fulfilling life does take work and not everyone feels up to handling it. This shows me that mental health issues are more prevalent than ever and people need support and encouragement to come out of the hidden worlds they create!

      I shared this to help raise awareness of a new trend, so we can be more aware of what friends and family may be experiencing!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Right?! Even if we ourselves don’t live that way, we may have younger friends or they have kids who are experiencing this stress and seeking relief!

          Liked by 1 person

  2. I usually just use a book for escaping. That way I can be or do anything and no one gets hurt. This is a disturbing trend. I feel people are being pushed toward suicide so much more than ever before. Is that just me?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I found that to be disturbing for that very reason too! People are suffering even more from mental health issues and looking for escape. I find this trend doesn’t actually empower people but encourages an addiction to escapist thinking the same way that taking strong drugs or alcoholism does.

      Liked by 1 person

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