Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want.


“Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want.” – Abraham Hicks

Thoughts are things, they affect us and have the power to help us believe the best about ourselves or the worst.

Our negative thoughts have become so strong and believable because we’ve listened to them often enough that the thoughts have come to be seen as facts!

99% of the time our negative thoughts are FALSE!

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When we slowly train ourselves to start swapping out some of the negative thoughts for a few positive ones, we slowly start to rewire our brains, this is called creating new Neural Pathways.

Start trying to flip the script with your thoughts… when you catch yourself thinking something negative about yourself or your life, say something positive to yourself!

No photo credit , Graphics by Tamara Kulish

It may not feel believable at first, but after a few times it will slowly start to feel more natural!

Keep practicing mindfully speaking positively to yourself and over time you’ll create strong Neural Pathways so that if you start to hold a negative thought it won’t feel natural anymore!

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10 thoughts on “Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want.

    1. This is so true! Back when I felt I was a nearly a professional worrier i used to have the mistaken idea that I needed to figure out in advance what could possibly happen and try to prepare myself for any eventuality… all in the name of trying to be prepared! Once I realized that most of what I tried to imagine never happened and what I hadn’t been able to foresee became my new reality. I learned, after many, many years that I should probably learn to go with the flow instead of trying to control it through anticipation! Whew! Once I learned that, a huge bury was lifted from my shoulders where I had placed it! ☺️


    1. I used to be a master worrier! I could come up with at least three directions each situation could possibly go. I mistakenly thought I was preparing myself for the future, but when I got older I was able to see that things rarely went according to the different scenarios I imagined and worried about. Once I made that connection I was ready to let go of trying to imagine and map out the future, and instead let it happen!

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