We’re all just walking each other home.

“We’re all just walking each other home.” – Ram Dass

This past year has been the longest and probably the most difficult that any of us has ever experienced.

We have experienced fears and losses which have had each of us living in a heightened state of anxiety and feeling the primal scent of death closer than we ever thought we would.

We have seen true heroes helping people day after day out of the goodness of their wonderful hearts, and we have seen true villains tearing communities apart.

We have been forced to live our lives in new ways, sometimes liberating us to develop into who we truly wished to be, while other times feeling suffocated and stifled.

We have all lived these paradoxes daily, not always having the mental and emotional support we needed, while still being a parent or a child or a spouse or a sibling or a neighbor or a friend of someone who needed our support.

No matter how we were able to manage handling our lives, our emotions and our actions during this entire marathon we have run, whether we feel proud of ourselves or we wish we had been able to do better… we’re all looking at a finish line which seems to be inching closer to us as vaccines roll out to a world in need of help and a solution to be able to live life “normally” again.

We’re all weary, we’re all struggling to keep our positivity and energies up.

We want to emerge from the foxholes we’ve hunkered down in and just get back to freely walking on beaches.

I have spent this past year writing as positively and as encouragingly as I possibly could, both here on my blog and on other’s blogs. I wrote for myself and I wrote for others.

I find my own mind has grown weary, my blog posts lately have had longer and longer gaps between posts, when previously I was setting a daily rhythm of writing.

I have been honoring my weariness by not pushing too hard, by not trying to force the writing, for I understand that the ability to write in an encouraging and supportive way for others needs to come from a feeling of fullness, not of weariness.

The best thing for me, and is the same for each of us when we feel depleted, is to be gentle with ourselves, to regroup and find healthy ways to recharge the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual batteries.

I’ve spent more time lately going for walks, relaxing, spending time with my family. I choose not to get down on myself for not writing, instead I feel very comfortable with honoring what I’m going through.

I recognize it’s a sort of battle weariness, of feeling tired from doing my best to fight the good fight, of having kept myself positive and upbeat through the long year while also doing my best to help others by encouraging and being as supportive as I knew how.

Right now, we’re all just walking each other home, taking the steps we need to in order to restore our lives back to normalcy and order.

Sending each of you big love and many wonderful blessings to keep going, to keep doing what you need to in order to get your life, your families and communities back on track!

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9 thoughts on “We’re all just walking each other home.

  1. That is perhaps certainly my most favorite quote. We are all walking each other home. This thought inspires and comforts me at the same time. It keeps me kind in my heart each time I am reminded of it.

    I hear you about writing, I too find myself inclined to write as much as I have idea and inspiration pouring in. I let it flow as it wants to through me and write only when I feel the urge to.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🌸😊 I love these words. I was holding onto this quote for a while, waiting to use it. This seemed like the perfect time and circumstance.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Tamara you do right, by showing that self-compassion for not writing. I aim to write everyday, but don’t always achieve this – when I start beating myself up for this it becomes likely I will repeat the next day.

    Now I just tell myself “the words will come” and then I just get on with life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! 🌸😊 We can’t give from a place of emptiness so doing the gentle work of nourishing ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically is very important! I’ve come to understand this, when previously I’d force myself to keep pushing through, not wanting to break an image of being able to be the giving one. I’ve consciously removed this feeling of trying to be the perfect ________ (fill in the blank). I saw this came from my own insecurities and I was actually doing more damage to myself than good! (I went through chronic shingles because I wouldn’t allow myself time to rest and heal, I kept pushing myself to do it all.) That taught me that I can give myself permission to take care of myself when I need to!

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