Never wish them pain. Wish them healing. That’s what they need.

“Never wish them pain.
That’s not who you are.
If they caused you pain,
they must have pain inside.
Wish them healing.
That’s what they need.”
– Najwa Zebain

Many call for revenge when they’ve been hurt or wronged.

It is a reaction so ingrained into our psyches that it feels like an automatic go-to.

Our world is filled with people who have gone to war against neighbors, family, friends, community, countries… all to seek revenge for wrongs.

Our world is filled with people in pain who lash out against others, who take out their anger against others.

Each religion in the world teaches its followers to take the way of peace, or being loving.

We stray from those teachings because pain can make us feel very angry, and anger is difficult to control.

Under the anger the pain hides. It doesn’t get healed when anger lashed out. It only ends up creating more pain.

It is the pain we need to heal.

It’s not being WEAK to not give in to anger. It’s not being weak to admit to feeling pain, or any emotion other than anger!

For every issue we see in our communities, there is pain which needs to be healed. For every addict or alcoholic, there is pain which needs to be healed. For every abuser there is pain which needs to be healed.

For every tyrant there is a human who has chosen anger to hide their pain, from themselves most of all.

We hide from our pain. It’s difficult to feel or to face. We feel powerless and vulnerable, so we hide it to protect ourselves.

Anger becomes the mask which hides pain. Anger feels strong, while pain feels weak.

Looking at our pain is difficult, but it’s necessary to do if we wish to be able to heal. Looking at our pain is so difficult that anger wells up to try to handle it.

So how do we handle it?

By being compassionate with ourselves, by being compassionate with others, by trying to look compassionately at those who have hurt us, and see them as being filled with pain.

Compassion helps us to heal, and it helps us to build bridges to help give others the strength to heal themselves.

This is work we each need to do ourselves, but we can be supportive towards each other, and by being compassionate we lend our strength to someone else to be able to work on their healing.

The ripples of compassion flow to help those who are ready to work on their healing, ready to let go of their pain, ready to let go of their anger.

Compassion helps the healing.

It starts with being compassionate to ourselves, and offering compassion to others.

Please be compassionate with yourself today!

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