I am realistic. I expect miracles!

“I am realistic. I expect miracles!”

Is it unrealistic to look for miracles? To see miracles? To expect miracles?

What are miracles? Every single minute of very single day there are millions of miracles happening to and for each and every one of us. No exceptions. That’s how the universe works!

Does a miracle have to be big to be noticed or to be worthy? Are small miracles on par with large ones? Is it being judgemental to try to classify them, or can we simply accept them and appreciate them?

When we look for miracles, we can see them in simple, humble things we experience every day! When we are open and we see them, we can feel intense gratitude for being part of this group miracle! When we see them, every day takes on deeper meaning and our appreciation for what we receive and give is amplified.

Miracles are part of the lifeblood and fabric of our lives. They aren’t separate from us; they are part of us!

Seeing miracles amplifies our existence and makes it so much more worthwhile.

Change is part of the structure of the phenomenon of miracles, for without change, things would remain static and we wouldn’t keep experiencing new miracles!

So change is good! Change is necessary! It may be shocking and at times wrenching, but it is good! Change means a new miracle or series of miracles is about to happen!

I embrace change. I am in transition now, having had my employment shorn away from me quite suddenly, but I understand that this sudden change was absolutely necessary in order for me to see and respond to a new opportunity which is coming my way.

I have faith and am confident that this was set into motion for my greater good. I’m anticipating enjoying the new miracles the universe, God and my Angels are conspiring together to create!

Be realistic. Expect miracles!

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