CBD and Shingles

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Years ago I had Shingles, which became chronic, on-and-off, mostly on, for 10 years.

That’s a lot of pain and difficulty sleeping, I can assure you! Not to mention the constant fatigue and exhaustion from said lack of sleep.

I learned to take care of myself, to rest, to eat healthily, to exercise moderately, to care for my spirit, to manage my emotions.

I learned what my triggers were: sunlight, wind, overdoing, under-doing self care and of course, the biggie, stress!

As time went on, I learned to take better and better care of myself, that I wasn’t having the big eruptions on my face and arms, just some cold-sores around my mouth now and then.

Then last week I forgot to put on sunscreen when I spent a delightful 1/2 day strolling a flea market with a friend! I had a lovely time, and when I got home I had a sunburn on my face. A few days later I had an eruption on my forehead where I was burned more.

I had never had an eruption in that area before, but I knew I hadn’t taken proper care of myself.

I immediately went into full Shingles care protocol: get lots of rest; keep hydrated; avoid the outdoors; limited activities; eat healthy; take plenty of my supplements of Vitamin C, Fish oil capsules, Vitamin B-complex, spirulina capsules.

However, this time I added something different to my protocol: CBD. I took 40-60 mg every 4-5 hours.

Wow! What a difference!

My healing time has been reduced dramatically!

What used to take weeks to recover from has now occurred in 1 week.

The swelling has gone down, the rash no longer hurts or itches like the dickens, the lesions are crusting and healing.

I haven’t seen any recovery happen so quickly! Years ago I was on Zovirax when it was really bad, and the drug was supposed to reduce the intensity of the eruptions and reduce the healing time.

CBD outperformed Zovirax!

The added benefit of CBD is that it’s an adaptogen, so it works with our immune systems to heal whatever needs healing!

If you know someone who struggles with Shingles, please let them know about CBD!

I’ve been trying different formats, brands and dosages, and have found what works for me. I recommend going into a market/grocery store where they have a good supplements section and speaking with the knowledgeable staff who can help you select the products for you!


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