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This. Is. So. True!

These are lessons I struggled to learn, always waiting on others to fill me up, when I discovered it was actually my job to do!

Having come out of abuse and criticism as a child and into my adulthood, my sense of self became connection people outside of myself, probably because my sense of self had been torn down from the outside.

A HUGE shift for me was learning to take responsibility for building myself up. The big advantage I discovered? I could give myself permission to build myself up how I wished to, not needing to base it on anyone else’s ideas for me!!


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Simply Etta

“Your worth is determined by you, not the judgmental measuring cups of a fickle world.”
Katie St. Claire

Self-love and Self-care have both become quite popular in the circles of Self- Help. Not to be neglected, two words that are often used interchangeable to describe how we feel about ourselves, are  Self-worth and Self-value, they reflect how we look at our worth and how much we value ourselves.  To have Self-worth  means to value one’s self. Self-value is a behavioural response to how worthy you think you are. There’s not a huge difference between their meaning and they can both be used to generalize the concept of  how we see our selves and how we project ourselves to others.  People who often know a person’s worth tend to use it to their advantage, by exploiting that person’s abilities.  I’m not saying it doesn’t exists but rarely would you will…

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7 thoughts on “Sharing a wonderful post!

    1. Right?! Your words make me happy! I’m delighted that you have emerged and are able to connect with becoming who we choose to be!

      This is truly a great gift we give ourselves!

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