Artist Space, where do you create or write?

I chose my theme reveal a couple of weeks ago here, where I decided to continue sharing inspirational and helpful posts.

Since we’re all at home and many people are getting into high gear creative mode, I thought it would be fun to share my artist’s spaces I’ve carved out in my 1 bedroom apartment! (Here’s a link to the post for free and fun activities for kids and grown-ups)

Above is my front room, where I do my painting. Got the necessities of paints, brushes, comfy pillows and snacks! (In case you were wondering I got my cool lamp from Wayfair) Even have my home gym equipment!!

Below is my jewelry making space, with a nook under the table for my granddaughters to hang out and read… although now we need to wait until this pandemic finishes, so they can come and visit again.

If you have some suggestions I can add to my helpful list, please share the links in the comments, and I’ll add them to the posts!

This is a good time to take an online course, start a new hobby (supplies can be purchased online, and YouTube videos can help you learn), start (or finish) writing that book you always wanted to do, focus on developing a healthy self-care or exercise routine.

I hope you’ll share some ideas for folks who are starting to go stir-crazy with boredom!

Be well!

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3 thoughts on “Artist Space, where do you create or write?

    1. Thanks! I moved I to my own place just over a year ago and I bought the things which really brought me joy. I fell in love with a West Elm blue velvet sofa, but not the price tag, so I found a local store which offered the one I have at a much lower cost! My shelves are wood I bought at the Habitat for Humanity store and I painted with diluted Prussian Blue acrylic paint! LOL! #artistshavethebeststuff !!

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