One Day… or Day One. You decide.

Ways of the Sage

One Day… or Day One. You decide.

Do you keep saying, “One day I’ll…” and take a heartfelt desire and put it on the back-burner, waiting for a better time to do it?

Let me tell you from having observed many people over nearly 60 years: for most people who say that, they NEVER get to do those things!


Their interest levels change, health issues come up, family issues interrupt, or even worse, they die before getting a chance!

Then there’s the group of people who get envied for DOING what they want to do NOW!

How can we incorporate doing what we wish to do into our day to day, hustle-bustle lives?

We all have the same 24 hours each day, but if we look closely at our schedules, we can pull 1/2 hour here or there to do various projects or activities instead of zoning out in front of the TV or on our phones!

I’m one of the people you might envy! I make time to write, to create art, to go on walks, to spend time with family, to do DIY projects from start to finish, as well as keeping up with the regular daily activities of work, cooking cleaning, shopping etc.

How do I do it?

I have physically organized my living space so it works well with those activities. I have designated zones.

I can go into a jewelry making zone (a single table with vertical storage for my supplies) and create of repair pieces.

My art studio is actually in my living room but I have a large piece of primed canvas I lay down on the carpet to protect it, and when I need to put my studio out of sight I can just roll up the canvas. I’ve placed my brushes and acrylic paints in pretty baskets, so even if I move them onto my jewelry making table it looks cute, not cluttered. My easel gets put to the side, but not out of sight, otherwise it’s too much of a hassle to drag it out every time I want to paint for 1/2 hour or an hour!

I’ve got my laptop set up near where I sit on the sofa so I can pull it out and write, but I also have a spot set up at the end on my dining table where I can set up for Zoom meetings.

My collapsible hiking sticks are in my car, and I keep a pair of walking shoes in the trunk, so if I end up near a nice park and I have some extra time, I’ll be able to fit in a walk.

When we create space in our homes and cars for our activities, it’s surprising how we’re able to fit them into our lives!

If we have to drag out all our supplies each time from a storage tote in the garage or from the basement, we really don’t have much time left to do the activity, if all we have is 45 minutes or so!

Organizing our lives takes intention to do so, but it allows us to gracefully fit in much more of what we want to do, instead of wistfully thinking of doing the activity… sometime!

If you’re going to get your home space re-organized, think about doing it section by section so it’s not overwhelming, and first do purges!

Giving bags and boxes of still usable things to Goodwill, a women’s shelter or other charitable organization really feels good!

If you create piles for selling, but never get around to doing them, think about donating everything to charity! If you were really going to sell the items you would have done so!

Purge, then organize what you have left into activity zones!

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