Affirmation: I can accomplish anything I set my mind on.

I can accomplish anything I set my mind on.

We can really surprise ourselves sometimes with what we can accomplish!

My daughter and I are working on some DIY projects around the house: rehabbing existing pieces to give a more updated look.

“What have I got to lose?”

When we were feeling doubtful of our abilities, we’d look at each other and shrug, the say “What have we got to lose?” This became our new mantra!

Then we’d plunge into our project du jour after we had agreed on the color and finish, gotten our supplies and set up the work area. If we didn’t know how to do something we’d look at YouTube videos or read people’s how-to instructions on their blogs.

We took our time to do a great job, not rushing ourselves just to get it finished.

Time after time we delighted ourselves with a gorgeous finished piece which looked straight off a Pinterest page!

What are some projects we’ve accomplished?

  • We changed out the blower motor for her furnace,
  • Spray painted 2 ceiling fans with a hammered black look, painted the blades, changed the shades to black wire cages, added LED Edison bulbs to give an industrial vibe
  • For IKEA Kallax units, we added painted legs to give an upscale look to create a dresser for her room and a “mud-room” area in the front room.
  • We bought plywood from Home Depot, asked them to cut it to size on their large vertical saw. We bought foam, batting and a pretty fabric from Hobby Lobby and then used a staple gun to make an upholstered top for the bench section of our new mud room.
  • We had old bookcases which had been stained an antique pine, but they seemed too orange so I painted them with 3 shades of blue to create a faux wood grain look. The white backing had been removed and I painted a rustic chevron pattern so after the back was reattached all the books and objects looked great with this new backdrop!
  • Old pine colored TV trays also received this 3-tone blue faux wood treatment.
  • An old low round table which had been stained a walnut color got painted in a light grey chalk paint and then received a paint-on/wipe-off antiquing glaze.

These are just some of the projects we’ve worked on, most were old pieces we were looking to update and a few were new pieces we wanted to upscale.

Each time we decided on the finished look, we just say to each other, “What have we got to lose? It’s only paint!”

Before we started on our projects we were feeling a little overwhelmed with how many projects we had around the house and we weren’t sure if we could actually do what needed to be done and wondered if we shouldn’t just look at new furniture. In fact, my daughter had already picked out the new pieces.

We went from doubting our abilities to feeling proud of ourselves! Our confidence levels rose with each accomplishment!

So I’m asking you, what have you got to lose?!

Why not give what you’re thinking about doing, a shot? Why not give it your best and see what happens?

Maybe you’ll surprise yourself!

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