Note Writing and Making To-Do Lists… Here’s a cool trick!

You Don’t Have To Be Great To Start, But You Have To Start To

Creating to-do lists… a productivity tool or a waste of time?

Most highly productive people rely heavily on lists or a system of Post-it Notes to keep track of many, many items which need doing.

If you’re like me and tend to misplace notes or don’t like the chore of writing everything down by hand, you may be happy to hear a new trick!

Here’s a new tip I’ve discovered which helps me turn those lists from dust collectors into powerful action  tools:

I’LL EMAIL MYSELF!! (As I did with this article idea!)

  • This system works best when each idea is in a separate email!

Most of my emails to myself are ideas about writing, so I move all those emails into a folder “Ideas for Articles”, which I’ll work with regularly. You could create your own system of folders if you don’t wish to have them all randomly in your Inbox.

I’ll do a brain dump for each idea, not particularly worrying about flow, as long as I write out each point. When I come back to a particular subject I wish to write about, I just have to copy/paste the contents and massage and tweak it into the article I wish to write about! I find that many times my creative download is pretty comprehensive, so my articles are 75-80% pre-written!

By moving the emails into a folder they don’t get lost in the sea of emails I receive, and I’ll have article, website or business ideas ready to draw from.

An alternate note-taking idea

I use the note taking app in my phone for longer, ongoing pieces of writing where I want to add or modify on the go, and I can later email them to myself by choosing the share option, and then I can easily copy-paste large quantities of information (such as books I’m working on) into Microsoft Word for formatting!

If you’re like me, you get your greatest ideas in the most inconvenient times, and don’t always carry a notebook or Post-its everywhere you go, but your phone is always with you!

If you haven’t tried using your email in this way, I highly recommend it! I hope you’ll be surprised with boosts in productivity and a decrease in stress!

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You Don’t Have To Be Great To Start, But You Have To Start To

There Seems To Be No Plan Because It Is All Plan

The Next Best Thing to Being Wise Oneself

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