Can you or I do business on the Metaverse? (When it is created.)

I’m trying to learn more about the new Metaverse. It seems like something straight out of Marvel Comics, but is now “real”, or at least is in the minds of certain creators and collaborators.

What is it, really?

Is it just a cool-sounding name of a new iteration of a social media giant, or if we’re to believe, the next version of Cyberspace or the internet? What could it mean for you or me?

Metaverse (Wikipedia):

metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection.[1][2][3] In futurism and science fiction, the term is often described as a hypothetical iteration of the Internet as a single, universal virtual world that is facilitated by the use of virtual and augmented reality headsets.[4][1]

The term “metaverse” has its origins in the 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash as a portmanteau of “meta” and “universe.” Various metaverses have been developed for popular use such as virtual world platforms like Second Life.[5] Some metaverse iterations involve integration between virtual and physical spaces and virtual economies,[1] often including a significant interest in advancing virtual reality technology.[6][7][8]

The term has seen considerable use as a buzzword[4][9] for public relations purposes to exaggerate development progress for various related technologies and projects.[10] Information privacy and user addiction are concerns within metaverses, stemming from challenges facing the social media and video game industries as a whole.[11][4][12]

“User addiction are concerns within metaverses” well that’s a little concerning, isn’t it? As it is, more and more people are having difficulty distinguishing reality from fantasy or things that are lies, so this has the potential to further remove any boundaries between the two!

Or this explanation from WIRED: What Is the Metaverse, Exactly? It seems like there are still enormous tech issues to overcome, with some of the still waiting to be invented!

However, there are limitations that may be impossible to overcome. When tech companies like Microsoft or Fa—Meta show fictionalized videos of their visions of the future, they frequently tend to gloss over just how people will interact with the metaverse. VR headsets are still very clunky, and most people experience motion sickness or physical pain if they wear them for too long. Augmented reality glasses face a similar problem, on top of the not-insignificant issue of figuring out how people can wear them around in public without looking like huge dorks.

What Is the Metaverse, Exactly?

Well, it seems like the teckies haven’t yet figured out how all of us will be able to interface or interact with the new virtual world once we step away from our computers.

It’s lovely to proclaim this as being something new, but gaming companies have been creating their own virtual reality or augmented reality worlds for a few years now. This Metaverse idea is touted as being able to stitch all of those separate virtual worlds into one… but does it stop there?

Let’s get the low-down directly, from Facebook: Welcome to Meta

Sorry, I didn’t finish Mark Zuckerberg’s intro video! I listened to him sharing his vision, then he said that the technology to make it happen is still being developed or needs to be developed.

That’s a LOT of money being spent on development. Why do companies get involved, if not for the prospect of making TONS of money?! How exactly would money be made?

Well, by creating a PLATFORM where digital items you purchase in one app or game could be brought into other apps or worlds, creates opportunities for NFTs and Cryptocurrency to rule the game.

The unfortunate downside to NFTs and Cryptocurrency is they consume vast amounts of energy to create and to track, which isn’t a good thing for our environment!

If we spend vast amounts of time, and proportionately lots of money to purchase all the accouterments people want to furnish and decorate their virtual homes and wardrobes with, would the “masses” care about what’s happening to our planet?

We already have so much pollution and destruction of different ecosystems in our collective obsession with purchasing physical goods, imagine how much worse it will get if we add another layer of purchasing?

Will we even care? Will the physical world cease to be of importance to us when we embrace the digital world?

Big companies are seeing the opportunity to create ever more and more profits, in a time when it has been shown that continued growth of sales is unsustainable for our planet!

This is the next big thing to get into for profitability and sales, regardless of the potential negative consequences to our environment, for people tend to ignore that NFTs and Cryptocurrency, though virtual, do have real-world consequences.

Another big player is planning its moves: Walmart is quietly preparing to enter the metaverse – CNBC

The key points which point towards companies seeing this as their next cash-cow:

* Walmart appears to be venturing into the metaverse with plans to create its own cryptocurrency and collection of NFTs.

* The big-box retailer filed several new trademarks late last month that indicate its intent to make and sell virtual goods.

* In a separate filing, Walmart said it would offer users a virtual currency, as well as non-fungible tokens, or NFTs.

Walmart is quietly preparing to enter the metaverse

Of course McDonald’s is planning on getting in: McDonald’s Discovers the Golden Ticket to Making Money in the Metaverse. Any Business Can Copy It

McDonald’s seems to have thought of a way to do more than sell NFTs, they’re looking at the Metaverse as a big ordering app for home delivery!

Hidden within the depths of its applications, and beyond the downloadable multimedia files, virtual events, and non-fungible tokens is what McDonald’s is really after: “operating a virtual restaurant online featuring home delivery,” according to trademark attorney Josh Gerben, who tweeted about it last week.

McDonald’s is entering the metaverse to offer patrons another way to order food (real food) for delivery online, to its customers’ real homes. The seemingly mundane move is smart, and business owners who want to stay on the cutting edge should pay attention. 

McDonald’s Discovers the Golden Ticket to Making Money in the Metaverse. Any Business Can Copy It

It now seems more than a huge Sci-Fi thing, with no tether with reality, or just a link-up of various play worlds, but the next new commerce frontier.

This article caught my attention: How Brands Can Enter the Metaverse.

For big brands, it makes sense for them to jump into the mix, but if McDonald’s can potentially use it for people to order REAL food to be delivered to their REAL homes, it stands to reason that smaller companies will be able to do so as well, just like they’re able to have websites and phone apps.

Make no mistake, love the idea or hate it, this seems to be the next huge direction companies are taking. Of course, there’s going to be entertainment, so the big players in those industries will jump into the game too.

Disney names executive to oversee metaverse strategy -memo

I’m not sure that I want to jump into that kind of world! After all, from the moment that we create our Avatars, we’ll want to have a beautiful home, furnishings, and wardrobe to fit the part!

I’m already tired from working 40 hours a week to pay for the items in my physical world! I’m not sure that I want to get a second job to afford everything in my virtual reality, for as the writing on the wall with those big-name companies shows, nothing is going to be free!

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