Me | Forcing A Glow Up

I’m sharing this idea from another blogger who I absolutely love! This is a brand new term I’ve learned and I can see it beneficial for each of us!

I love the idea of “Glow ups”. It’s a new term! Prior to learning about it, I think many people felt like a failure because they weren’t able to sustain and stick to their healthy goals!

Having a time limit on it seems to give it a feeling of attainability and feel doable!

What a wonderful concept to introduce and to share!

Please click on the link to read more and to be redirected to a wonderful blogger!

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Happy Panda

One of the YouTube Vloggers that got me through the dark days of last year was Taz from ClickForTaz. She’s a British Vlogger who is so relatable in her adulting struggles. This blog is inspired by her. She does these forced glow ups every time she’s down to help herself get into a better mental space. I’m going to be doing the same. The past 3 weeks have been a whirlwind of crazy in India with the new wave of COVID. My mental health has been at an all time low as has my physical health. So I’m going to force a glow up in the next two weeks.

What are my goals?

Physical Goals –

Photo by Marta Wave on

  • Eat healthy for the next two weeks – no sugar, no junk, no ready to eat food (I’ve slipped a lot on my eating in the last…

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2 thoughts on “Me | Forcing A Glow Up

    1. My pleasure! I hope we all give it a chance, for we all deserve the outcomes that come!


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