What book sparked your heart to grow?

When I was 15 years young, my mother’s boyfriend told me to read Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach. He said it would be life changing! He was right!

That simple book held profound ideas which set my mind and heart to yearning to learn more about the truth behind the truth, to learn about the secrets of life and to grow!

When my high school art teacher asked me to design the cover for the graduation invitation that year, I did a pen and ink drawing of this seagull. Most of the students hadn’t read the book, so the visual reference made absolutely no sense! Why a seagull? But, my teacher had read it – all I had to do was tell her it was Jonathan Livingston Seagull, and she understood!

Over the years I’ve had many teachers, have found inspiration and solace in various written words, some as simple as an inspirational quote which had the power to become a lifeline for my spirit.

Quotes have held a lot of power for me, because in a sentence or two, I can learn a whole new life lesson, short enough to remember, yet deep enough to change my life and help me grow.

More recently my dentist recommended the most recent book I just finished reading; he said I NEEDED to read it, so I did! It’s called “Proof of Heaven” by Dr. Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon, and is about his NDE (near death experience). My dentist wants to talk about it together with me. We originally started talking about painting, as he has some of his pieces in his practice, and once he found out I paint too that sparked conversations of more esoteric topics than paint tubes.

This book is irrefutable proof for many, of the existence of Heaven and for me serves to show the loving nature of God and the universe. God and the universe lovingly has brought me teachers and has helped me to heal, has taught me about Love on so many levels. Like Dr. Alexander, I seek to share the lessons the universe has shown me.

What books have had a life-changing impact in your life? Have they done more than change how you think? What changes have you made in your life as a result? I hope you’ll share your insights!


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2 thoughts on “What book sparked your heart to grow?

  1. Thanks so much! Do you remember a book which sparked change within you? If yes, was this a big change or a small one which had a domino effect in your life?


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