Luck is What Happens When Opportunity Meets Preparedness!

“Luck is what happens when Opportunity meets Preparedness”! This is so true!

Sometimes we don’t even know what to prepare for, yet if we’re OPEN then we tend to see more opportunities.

Opportunities are all around us, every moment, every day, yet when our spirits have become ground down we plod along just trying to survive.

When we’re exhausted from trying to survive it can seem too overwhelming to look at ANYTHING as an opportunity.

Yet, part of this exhaustion is our own inner voice having told ourselves that this is our lot in life and we just need to accept it. In accepting a life which doesn’t fit in with who our soul yearns to be, we lose hope of anything changing for the better because we’re always on the alert to guard against things changing for the worse.

This exhaustion is far more than physical, it’s emotional and spiritual too.

When I realized that the universe has my back, that it has each of our backs, I was able to allow myself to be more open.

When I started to become open, I started to see more opportunities.

At first my inner negative conditioning got in my way and convinced me that those opportunities just weren’t for ME! That I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to make it work, so I shut down again and closed myself off to some opportunities.

However, I was determined to change my life and change my circumstances.

I set my mind to becoming open, to saying yes to good things which came my way, to following through on opportunities which came my way!

This determination to become open changed my life!

Opportunities are all around us, and the first step is opening our minds to the possibilities, to really seeing and really hearing what’s going on around us!

The next step is saying yes to good things which come your way, to trying new things!

Stepping outside of our immediate comfort zone can be handled incrementally and doesn’t have to mean radical sweeping changes but can be as simple as attending an evening or afternoon workshop about something which intrigues is!

I now love, love the things I’ve seen and learned as a result of having decided to be open!

I started simple: to be open to life, to learning about what IS!

This thought transformed my life by leading me to learn about worlds of things I’d never have wanted to come into contact before in my fearful and closed mindset!

It’s amazing what’s out there if we choose to see!


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Simply Etta

Luck-is- What- Happens -When-Opportunity-Meets-Preparedness

Most people feel helpless as if they have no control of their life. In truth, you have more control over your world than you think. It has been said that “luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparedness.” Imagine two men walking down the street on a windy day. A piece of paper blows along the sidewalk in front of one man, then the other. The first man ignores the litter, keeping his eyes on the block up ahead. The second man peers at the scrap realize it’s a $20 bill and picks it up.

Is that person luckier?

No. The same opportunity crossed the path of both men, but only one of them was prepared to act.

When it comes to financial matters, it’s important to keep your eyes and ears open and to know where you are. Only then will you spot opportunity when it crosses your path.

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4 thoughts on “Luck is What Happens When Opportunity Meets Preparedness!

  1. Thank you for sharing and for the additional insight. You’re so right on all accounts, once we become open opportunities are endless. The hardest part is leaving our comfort zones and embracing the openness.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right? We keep our fears close to us, surrounding us like a protective fortress! It’s hard to take down those walls we’ve built up!

      It seems incomprehensible that in being open we can feel protected, but in every choice that’s presented to us we don’t have to jump on it in the name of being open!

      We can still mull it over and decide if it feels right!

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