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I’m now accepting writing proposals for PAID articles and guest blogs!

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My approach?

My approach is positive, even inspirational, and always motivational!

Whatever the subject I’m writing about, I provide plenty of facts and information to help readers!

I always seek to find the angle which injects a healing, motivational or even a spiritual approach in order to help my readers find the tools they need for their lives!


My style is conversational and easy-to-understand! Stuffy words or an overly scholarly approach isn’t how I do things… I take complex ideas and present them in a down-to-earth, approachable way so that either my readers or the people I’m speaking to can relate to what I’m saying!


Please check out my curated list of my 50 best articles to see the variety of topics I have covered!


Motivational Speaking/Workshops

My background for Motivational Speaking started when I was a Private Art Teacher and class time soon evolved into Therapy sessions where my students above all needed reassurance and support in their lives.

I became comfortable speaking with small groups (8-15 people), and soon led healing/motivational workshops. A few years ago I was asked to speak in front of medium size (15-75) groups and found that I’m not only comfortable speaking with larger groups, but my message motivates and inspires!

Please contact me so that we can work out the rates and travel expenses!

My background:

Please see my About Tamara page to see more background!

Writing examples: curated list of my 50 best articles

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