Dear GOP, now that you’ve saved unwanted babies, how are you going to save unwanted children from being abused?

Dear GOP, now that you’ve saved unwanted babies, how are you going to save unwanted children from being abused?

You’ve cut back the services families need and REQUIRE, additionally, the social services network is notoriously unable to help the kids currently stuck in the system.

Let’s not even get started on the lack of daycare, and after-school spaces for the kids currently needing them, forcing their mothers out of the workforce.

Oh, wait, don’t tell me life was better in the ’50s when mothers stayed home, for the unwanted kids were still being abused – physically, mentally, and sexually while their harried mothers were quiet alcoholics or stoned out of their minds on medications that their doctors prescribed for them. Fathers who beat their wives senseless because they bore them children they didn’t want and now had to support instead of having been able to marry for love and not to save face.

Without these necessary services, families despair and struggle. Without these necessary services families struggle to thrive.

Please don’t say just cut off your Netflix service and stop buying coffees, for realistically, kids cost a LOT MORE than that!! For crying out loud, filling up your SUV costs more!

You’ve done something which feels spiritually victorious for you. Bravo!

Now, what are you going to do to help struggling families?

What are you going to do to help the kids whose parents take out their anger against them because they feel the kid ruined their lives?

What mental health services will you expand to help moms so depressed they will try to take their lives?

What will you do for the new mothers and fathers who turn to drugs or alcohol to numb their feelings because they unwillingly became parents?

What about when the abused kids get older, will you still be wanting to send those hurt and angry kids (who are now acting out) to correction camps to “straighten them out”? Yes, you have been doing that! Those places are a shame to us all, and only perpetuate the damage already done to them, leading to more potential violence. Ex-Students Reveal Abuse at ‘Christian Torture Compound’.

Will you be pouring money into services to help alcoholics and addicts, because forced parenthood creates a lot of alcoholics and addicts, for when people are desperately unhappy, they try to self-medicate because there really isn’t much to help them.

Will there be even more mass shootings done by people so desperate and angry they feel it’s the only thing left to do? The weaponry of choice used these days wasn’t available to the angry person in the ’50s, so will that be addressed or will it simply be brushed under the rug?

You see GOP, not everyone wants to become a parent or is thrilled to pieces to find out they’re pregnant. Parents who don’t want to have their children don’t magically grow to love and care for them. Some of those people rightfully shouldn’t be parents, definitely not when they don’t want the child, and for some, maybe never.

Social services are full of kids in those situations. The hospitals and graveyards hold their fair share of kids who were beaten, even tortured, by parents who were forced into indentured parenthood.

I’m happy for you that your conscience now feels lighter, yet I mourn for the kids who will not survive their abusive childhoods, or who may also pass the trauma they experience onto their children.

Please let me know how you will handle these very real issues.

Please show me.

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3 thoughts on “Dear GOP, now that you’ve saved unwanted babies, how are you going to save unwanted children from being abused?

  1. Thank you Rosaliene. Unfortunately, these aren’t the only issues we will be facing in the upcoming weeks and months. Female patients receiving medication for arthritis are having it withheld, as are cancer patients because their medications could interfere with a POTENTIAL pregnancy. IVF clinics and patients are fearing they may be criminally charged. We’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg.


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