Free Kindle book for Mother’s Day!

Wishing a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend to all mothers, parents, and caregivers!

In honor of this day, I’m making the eBook of “Developing Happiness When You Can’t Find It” free to download for Sunday, May 8, 2022!

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Being a parent is hard work and doesn’t finish when a child becomes an adult, it just shifts gears into a new phase!

I’m a grandma and count myself blessed to be included in my daughter’s and grandchildren’s lives.

For a few years, I had moved in with my daughter and helped her co-parent when the youngest was re-diagnosed with cancer and the twins were in Kindergarten. A few years ago I flew the nest and now live 3 hours away from them, in the city while they live in a rural area.

No matter what life brings us, my philosophy is we can be always learning and growing! Just because we become adults doesn’t mean we magically get imbued with the knowledge for raising kids and taking care of ourselves!

Most of my inner work and healing came later in life, even though I had strived to do so for most of my life. I had emotional blockages from my past which took me years of inner work to overcome and remove.

I think I had such difficulty because I hadn’t yet learned to like myself and to stop speaking harshly to myself, which only kept me in a state of anxiety and low-grade functional depression.

I’ve written about my journey, and the lessons I learned on this journey. I give a lot of practical advice I had learned, and share the tools I employed to help me heal and the tools I still use daily to help keep myself sane and balanced!

When life throws me a curve, I dig deeper into those tools! I have effectively learned to rewire my brain to see life and myself so much more positively, which has contributed to my overall sense of happiness!

If you are struggling with your own negative inner feelings, please give my book a read!

It isn’t going to be just an easy read and poof, you’re going to magically absorb the information I share, but a guide to help you do your OWN inner work!

It’s a process, a journey! It takes time to re-wire our brains! It takes perseverance! It’s not going to be easy or joyous, but going through the gut-wrenching stuff is the secret sauce to creating a new relationship within yourself!

Stay blessed!

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