.99 cent Developing Happiness Kindle book promotion for Valentine’s day!

Hello, my lovely friends and readers-to-be!

Valentine’s Day is highly promoted as the day for love, with an emphasis on couple’s relationships.

As many of you know, I strongly promote developing self-love, which is being able to like, even to love ourselves.

Why is that so important?

In order to be able to set boundaries, to make healthy choices, to live a peaceful life, we need to first be able to value ourselves. Without that, we’re speaking unkindly to ourselves, being hard on ourselves, allowing others to manipulate, abuse, and even control us.

I was inspired to write Developing Happiness When You Can’t Find It when a friend at a dinner party asked all of us, “Who can say they’re really happy?” When I was the only one to raise their hand, with a table full of very spiritual and creative people, everyone began peppering me with questions.

As I answered their questions, I realized that so many of the books on the market only went so far. Yes, they spoke about creating the mindsets for feeling happy, but if you’re like me, if you’ve gone through an emotionally damaging past, you may not have a frame of reference to believe it is possible for you to be happy.

That was my experience with some of those books. I’d start to read them, very hopeful that I too might be able to finally find happiness, then my inner darkness would lunge up and engulf me, telling me that losers like me could never be happy.

The very questions I had been asked at that dinner party got me thinking about the process I had gone through.

I realized that I hadn’t FOUND happiness, I had DEVELOPED it.

That realization got me started writing down HOW I had done it.

My process entailed using guided journaling and art-making to look deep inside to find the inner barriers to happiness. I looked at my triggers and the events which created those triggers.

It was a gut-wrenching journey but it was the only thing that helped me. When I helped myself to heal I became able to look at teaching myself to like myself.

No one is going to do this process for us, this is our journey, our responsibility!

The rewards are huge!

I’m sure you’re craving to experience this huge shift for yourself!

I really want you to experience that too, so I’m running a .99 cent promotion for my book: Developing Happiness When You Can’t Find It on February 14th, 12 am – 11 pm PST! (Or you can click on the image of the book cover below.)

No, you don’t need a Kindle reader to be able to read the book, our smartphones have apps for that now!

Put a reminder in your phone to get this awesome book for yourself on February 14th!

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6 thoughts on “.99 cent Developing Happiness Kindle book promotion for Valentine’s day!

  1. I realized that I hadn’t FOUND happiness, I had DEVELOPED it. – This is such an amazing revelation!! Thank you for making this Valentine’s Day gift available for us – I will surely get one for myself and also recommend to some others.

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