What you are walking through at this moment may just be the story that helps get someone else through…


“What you are walking through at this moment may just be the story that helps get someone else through…”

Going through difficult times is never easy, nor are we necessarily blessed with knowing what to do or how to handle ourselves.

Sometimes all we can do is to do our best to hang on, and to just keep trying to put one foot in front of the other.

Everyone experiences these kind of feelings, but when we’re going through them we feel so alone, like no one else could understand or might judge us for how we feel.

It surprises us when others understand what we’re going through.

When we tell our story to another person and they find inspiration, even learn something from our hard lessons, for a moment we feel a glow of satisfaction, a warmth of feeling that all we went through was not in vain.

This is the moment we truly feel we can release that pain, truly feel we can release that despair, for we finally feel that all we went through has been validated.

We realize that as much as we have suffered and struggled, we have also grown. We have grown into a deeper version of ourselves.

We wonder if we ever would have become who we are right now if we hadn’t gone through all that we had.

At the end of it all, our stories help light the way for someone else. Each person that we connect with and lighten their day, becomes another moment which warms our own hearts and helps us to feel better about our past.

Layer by layer, we build up more positive feelings inside of ourselves, which helps lessen our own inner anguish so we can release it.

We know we are healed when we can tell our story without feeling twisted up inside, but instead feel calm and peaceful.

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Our stories can do all that!

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10 thoughts on “What you are walking through at this moment may just be the story that helps get someone else through…

  1. I am smiling and nodding in agreement at each statement you make. It sure is difficult to know this when we are caught in the midst of a challenging difficulty, we feel alone and life feels long, yet when we emerge with the light of inspiration shining, it all seems worth it.

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