Matchmaking/Arranged Marriage VS. Love Marriage… what are your thoughts and experiences?

Be with someone who will take care of you. Not materialistically but take care of your soul, your well being, your heart, and everything that’s you.

I’ve been watching the Netflix series “Indian Matchmaking” and have been feeling very intrigued by seeing this custom through the eyes of the people looking for a marriage partner.

I did watch a couple of other matchmaking shows based in the USA for rich people, but it seemed too far out of my own world to relate to, so it didn’t seen likely that I’d contact them.

Online dating sites which are based on matching people based on questionnaires people reply to didn’t seem to be too reliable, and regular dating sites just seem to be a way to find casual sex partners and not a place to find a life partner.

I have been allowing the universe to organically bring a potential male partner into my life, but I haven’t seen a successful match… he’s out there, but it may not be the right time?

I’m intrigued to find out more about matchmakers, as they seem to genuinely want to make good matches. It seems like a good thing to have someone personally curate a few great choices, where they’ve weeded out the people who would not be a good match.

I’m also intrigued to want to find out if people who don’t come from cultures where matchmaking is the norm find themselves happy and fulfilled in marriages where they’ve been matched!

Please let me know what your experience has been like!
If you’ve been matched, would you do it again? Why or why not?

Do you have any links to information articles?

I appreciate your feedback and your insights!

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2 thoughts on “Matchmaking/Arranged Marriage VS. Love Marriage… what are your thoughts and experiences?

  1. Hi Tamara.

    I’m from India. Trust me the matchmaking process isn’t as regressive as the show portrays it to be. It can be a great way to meet a match. Of the arranged marriages that I’ve seen around me in this current time, most matches are found through family friends. So it’s almost like your friends are setting you up.

    The only con that I see is that there isn’t a very long courtship period. I’d like to date someone for a couple of years before taking the plunge. In Indian matchmaking, the couple usually has to approve of each other in 3-4 months and then there’s a courtship period of maximum a year before the wedding.

    I have a few friends who’ve gone down the love marriage way and some who’ve opted for an arranged marriage. They all seem to be doing great irrespective of how they met their partner. ☺️

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  2. I appreciate your open response! I’m genuinely interested in learning more about different approaches to meeting and marrying people!

    The vastly shorter courtship time is of course a huge difference between the two, but the overall mindset towards arranged marriage is markedly different, with trust in the whole process being a key ingredient.

    There are other cultures who follow the practice of matchmaking, and to non-practitioners we have a sense (rightly or not) that there’s less freedom to choose.

    While the choices are curated, is there the possibility of choosing “none” if the choices presented don’t feel right? How is a person perceived if they choose “none”?

    Thanks so much for your wonderful feedback! Have a beautiful day!


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