This is my “medicine” cabinet

I’m close to 60 years old and the only over-the-counter medicines I take are Ibuprofen and a 24 hour allergy pill.

Does this mean that I don’t have health issues?

Not at all. I have health issues related to a weaker immune system, so I take supplements to boost my system naturally. Chronic Shingles isn’t a fun thing to deal with, and in the past few months I’ve had 3 episodes. Prior to that my last episode was 15 years before, but I had been taking my supplements to keep my immune system strong to prevent eruptions, but COVID brought them on.

I also have problems with my knees, and now that I’m getting older, my joints give me more problems. Some of these supplements have anti-inflammatory properties which also help my joints.

Do you take supplements? Do you believe them to be helpful or not?

***Please remember to research each one before you take them if you have other health issues such as high blood pressure, because some supplements may not be advisable for people who have certain health issues. I research before I take them, then I’ll try a small amount first to make sure I have no adverse reactions.


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2 thoughts on “This is my “medicine” cabinet

  1. I’m 71 and having had pneumonia a couple of years ago am very intent on boosting my immune system. Thank goodness, that I was able to have the 2-dose shingles shot a few years ago. So sorry you have that to deal with that painful ailment.
    Yes, the Coronavirus places a lot of stress on all of us and just the stress makes us more susceptible to issues. I see a number of supplements in your cabinet that I’m taking too. Bet those companies are making a bundle off the Baby Boomers but we are planning to live a long and productive life.

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  2. 😎 I applaud your approach to health! I find it interesting to note that Big Pharma will tell us for years that this or that supplement is not good for us or ineffective, and then come out with something that has that very ingredient!

    Health benefits from supplements are anecdotal so it’s up to us to do our own research! My father used to use supplements and I saw how his health was helped, which helped me to get started using them instead of running to the doctor for a prescription.

    I’m grateful to be able to use them and not have to use pharmaceuticals which have many undesirable side affects.

    Thanks so much for sharing!


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