Letter to a killer:

Years ago we didn’t see the level of anger, pain and frustration with the world where there’s now at least one mass or multiple killing happening daily.

What drives people to kill? To plan a shooting?

We’d love to attribute this to evil and leave it at that, then none of us needs to look at how our interactions with people can affect them.

When someone is to the point of killing themselves, deep pain and despair are the strongest drivers.

When a person is to the point where they feel the only solution is to target certain people or groups, their motivating emotion is rage, anger so deep it has festered into a poison.

Yet, when we scrape off the outer anger, we see raw pain. The pain has never been healed and may have been stuffed down in an attempt not to feel it. What erupts when that pain festers is anger, a feeling of betrayal. Through that, feelings of wishing for revenge may begin to form.

When those feelings of revenge form, an action plan of feeling the need to make someone pay the emotional price for their inner pain. Begins to form.

Yet, the targets usually aren’t related to what or who caused the inner pain. They’re only the focused recipient of the inner pain a killer feels.

If you’re having thoughts about killing others, please know that as an Intuitive who has experienced speaking with a mass killer after he committed the killings, he was in tears. I felt the raw pain he was in.

You see, he learned firsthand that killing others did not in fact remove his inner pain. He had hoped that somehow he could project all his inner pain and suffering onto the victims and he would feel better after. He didn’t. He found out it doesn’t work that way.

He found out that he felt a million times worse after he realized he had removed the living breath of many people with his bullets. He killed himself after.

If you’re at that point where that seems like the only option for you, please know that’s not what the universe wants for you! The universe loves you and wants the best for you!

People hurt people, not God, not the universe.

Even more clearly, damaged people hurt others, healthy people don’t.

Healing from the pain from our pasts is doable and requires a lot of inner work, but when it’s done it’s very liberating.

You are loved and cherished by the universe. I don’t know you but the universe knows your potential! The universe knows your potential for healing, inner growth and to be able to take it outwards and to be able to even help others!

I do not know all you have suffered, but the universe does and has your back!

I have many encouraging and supportive posts so I hope you will find comfort and encouragement to set your thoughts and feet upon a path of healing!

Peace to you!

PS: please seek help with healing from your pain; a trained counselor or therapist will be able to help you by teaching you new tools and skills to use, to help you to heal and to help you learn how to handle life’s stresses.

There’s no shame in asking for help! It’s when we don’t ask for help that we suffer!


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