The dangers of Us VS Them thinking…

Too often  I’ve seen memes which promote a strongly polarized view of the world.

You know the ones! Usually politically based, where exceedingly liberal (weak) Democrats are contrasted with super macho Republicans.

On one hand we see a sniveling crybaby placed against a gun loving super macho dude.

We’re expected to CHOOSE, who we identify with MORE!

The dangers in that narrow yet totally extreme black & white mindset is that it really doesn’t take into account all the different shades of grey which exist in all of us.

We don’t all necessarily conform to either view, we can be somewhere in between on the spectrum. 

Yet, there’s an unspoken pressure to take sides! “Choose a side! Which side are YOU identifying with?”

The results I’m seeing in people? 

There’s more and more people picking a side based on extreme views!

Why is it super simple to see this extremist thinking at work in OTHER countries, and feel shocked by the hatred which is a natural byproduct of this? Yet we seem blinded to the fact that WE DO IT TOO!

The hatred towards “them”, “the other side” has become our new normal. We might not like the results, but we’re too scared to step out of that mindset, for fear that people around us will brand us as “having gone to the other side”!

Why do we need to rigidly keep to only two extreme ways of thinking?

Well, firstly because of fear, but also because it seems easier to let someone else more powerful to do our thinking for us!

Where has rational thinking gone to? Pausing to examine the argument, pausing to see if it REALLY represents who we are!

Are we in such need of approval that we’re willing to compromise parts of our moral compass in order to “belong” to a certain group or crowd?

Why do we feel a need to conform to a radical mindset, as though there were only TWO choices in the universe left to choose from?

Why isn’t it okay anymore to be okay with being somewhere in the middle?

So, here’s a new thought:

If we do find we are actually somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, let’s work on feeling okay with not choosing an extreme side! Let’s start creating memes which show a more balanced mindset! Let’s feel good about being strong, yet not radical!

Isn’t it a good time to reclaim our inner peace and balance?

Remember what Maya Angelou said?

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better!” 

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6 thoughts on “The dangers of Us VS Them thinking…

  1. It is interesting that you would mention extremes in this context. The whole time I was reading, bells and whistles were going off in my brain: “I know why.”

    As strange as it may seem, the worlds (consciousness) is splitting. I write about it on my blog all the time. Present consciousness is actually pushing us out of the middle and into extremes. How else, besides consciousness, is the New Earth to be created and the old one to fall away? As much as I like balance, I still thought I’d mention it.

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    1. That’s an interesting thought! I’m going to have to think on that some more! I can understand the concept of it, but I find the practice and the negative outcomes disturb me. I’m a peacenik I think! 😎

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      1. The world scene is often a reflection of the spiritual reality happening behind the scenes. The two usually move hand in hand.

        I’m not recommending to be some kind of radical. What I am saying is: as those in the physical emulate it more fully and those in the spiritual emulate it more fully as well, extremes on the streets will be there to prick our consciousness to look at what is really happening. 😉

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      2. That’s an interesting outlook!! I suppose I’m more rooted in living the practical side of spirituality to observe life the way you do! That’s not a put down for you, just a statement of where I feel I’m at! 😬


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