Life Lessons Learned from a Puzzle App on My Phone!!

Life Lesson from a puzzle? Really? …believe it or not, yes!

How is it possible to learn any life lesson from a phone game? (I’ll tell you a little secret: If you keep your eyes, mind and heart open, God/the Universe can use anything as a teachable moment for us… kind of how we teach our own kids isn’t it?)

Hmmm… where do I start?

Well, I suppose this aha moment started years ago when I was expanding my heart to open up to learn about life’s lessons. I wrote the following poem to express how my life seemed to degrade into randomness, no matter how hard I tried to organize and orchestrate it.

“In order there is chaos, In chaos there is randomness, And in randomness, there is Beauty.” - Tamara Kulish. One of the quotes which is included in the book "On Becoming a Lemonade Maker" by Tamara Kulish. This close-up shot of a metal sculpture in Santa Fe, New Mexico looks totally random and abstract!
“In order there is chaos, In chaos there is randomness, And in randomness, there is Beauty.” – Tamara Kulish. One of the quotes which is included in the book “On Becoming a Lemonade Maker” by Tamara Kulish. This close-up shot of a metal sculpture in Santa Fe, New Mexico looks totally random and abstract!

I was reading about “The Secret” and trying to fit it into my new knowledge of Native American life truths, and wondering how it all fit together with a masterful God who ruled the Universe.

Honestly, I was seeing truths and valid results from all areas, so it didn’t make sense to abandon any of those teachings!

I spent many years pondering, learning and putting into practice what I was learning… yet I was still finding it difficult to fit all the pieces together.

It seemed like a huge, enormous puzzle that I couldn’t quite crack the code.

The more I tried to control the outcome, the less control I seemed to be granted… life interfered constantly as if to prove to me that I had no control!

The saying “Let Go and Let God” didn’t seem to match up with “The Secret”… “Visualize what you want and feel it as though you already have it” didn’t seem to fit into the God concept, although there had been a lot of Christians counseling me to pray in detail so God could fulfill my prayers… (which seemed to turn God into a magic Genie…) and just how did the spiritual life I was learning from Lakota teachings and experiences in the Inipi ceremonies (Sweat Lodge) fit in?

Through it all I learned the importance of following my joy… of choosing to create things which spoke to me the strongest and to trust that if I did all the work to move it forward that it would all fit within the plan I had for myself to accomplish my life mission!

It’s been many years, and slowly over time I have written and published a few books, created a website out of a blog, painted and created all styles of artwork, took hundreds of random quirky photos which I later added quotes to and feature on my blog articles… I’ve spent many long hours on all of these things, confident that someday I would “hit critical mass” and that the whole body of work which I’ve poured my heart into for years would start to resonate with more and more people!

Honestly, there were many times I’ve had to battle my own despair that it might never happen!

If I felt blue and down for a while, I always pulled myself out of the nosedive of depression, telling myself that my mission wasn’t yet done… yet I still had difficulty stepping out of the driver’s seat and still needed to try to control the pace and what would happen next and when!

I went on a drive on 12/12/2015 where I was musing about allowing magic (or what some call Serendipity) to happen in my life, realizing that in my anxiety I had kind of nudged it out.

Where this Magic or Serendipity comes from is still a matter of debate, whether it’s from the Universe, from God, or from inside of ourselves, I’m not sure is as important to know as to allow it to unfold by itself.

Some people call it Faith or Trust… whatever a person feels it should be called, then that exactly what it is!

This Energy is helpful and brings us everything when it’s needed… if we try to rush it we’ll probably be very disappointed with the outcome, for with Patience so much more will be added, creating a much better outcome for us!

After all, how many times have you had to work very hard on something, be very, very patient, to later look at it and say, “Oh, NOW I understand what that was all about!

Sitting in my car while driving, I decided to once again open myself up to this magic from the Universe, and almost immediately I started to experience a wonderful sequence of events when I went for a drive on a historic section of the The Trail Of Tears.

Yes! The magic is still alive and well!

I had experienced it at various points in my life, when I opened myself up and allowed it to happen… but I would always start to feel insecure that things were going too slowly for my satisfaction, so I always took back “control” of my life by trying to manage all the little details! (In the future I will finish writing “The Tale of the Rugaroo Journals”, a journal style book retelling the memories of some of those events in past years…)

So on a Mid-December morning not long after that drive, I had a huge “Aha moment” while doing a puzzle on my phone! Yup! Strange right?!

It really started a few days previously when I downloaded an update version for the app – Magic Puzzles: when I re-opened it I saw that it had set me back in the number of completed puzzles, but it had kept my level I had achieved intact. With the reduced number of completed puzzles my score had also dropped. It had taken me a few days of re-doing these puzzles painstakingly, when I wondered if there was a faster way… so I started to throw all the puzzle pieces onto the puzzle assembly area, and then start methodically flicking the pieces incrementally in a circle around the board.

That’s when I noticed something very strange… the pieces which seemed to be a random jumble were starting to click together and the more I continued to flick them in a circular fashion around and around the board, the more pieces joined up together until huge chunks of the puzzle were taking shape! It was then very easy to complete the puzzle, simply sliding these chunks into place.

I was able to complete a puzzle in a fraction of the time it had taken me previously when I worked with one piece at a time, trying to match it to its spot. I was able to repeat this feat over and over again! That’s when it hit me that this was the perfect analogy for life management!

If you look at the sequence of screenshots I took to illustrate this interesting phenomenon, you’ll see how it all fits together and seems to magically do it for me!

Puzzle sequence 1 Puzzle sequence 2 Puzzle sequence 3 Puzzle sequence 4 Puzzle sequence 5 Puzzle sequence 6 Puzzle sequence 7 Puzzle sequence 8 Puzzle sequence 9 Puzzle sequence 10 Puzzle sequence 11 Puzzle sequence 12 Puzzle sequence 13 Puzzle sequence 14 Puzzle sequence 15 Puzzle sequence 16 Puzzle sequence 17 Puzzle sequence 18 Puzzle sequence 19 Puzzle sequence 20

So, where’s the Aha?

It struck me that the more I needed to orchestrate or control everything in my life that the slower things seem to go, and that if I would let the pieces go that everything will fit into place as they should, and much faster!

I did a little experiment and kept flicking the pieces off in random directions, but they didn’t seem to link up together like they did when I followed a set pattern, which in the analogy of life to me represents that if we don’t have any plan for what we want and how to go about it, that just being random and not committing to anything won’t bring us to our goals, because we’re not doing our part!

So if this were an analogy for life, to let go of trying to control every event and direct the outcome, then it’s definitely one of those small and seemingly insignificant things which can have a profound effect in our lives!

So whether you live by the expression, “Let go and let God” or “Release it to the Universe”, let’s remember to keep our stress levels much lower by living by this philosophy!

Is this a new Aha for you, or did you know this and lived it? How did you learn it? Any Ahas you’d like to share?

Peace to you and yours!

“Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.” – Unknown. One of the quotes which is included in the book "On Becoming a Lemonade Maker" by Tamara Kulish. A beautiful rainbow made an appearance in the high desert as we were driving up to Taos, New Mexico.

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